Welcome to the AIAI Lab

The Advanced Imaging Algorithms and Instrumentation Laboratory is in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins University and is under the direction of J. Webster Stayman, PhD.

The AIAI Lab is dedicated to high-fidelity modeling and design of medical imaging systems and the application of strong priors and knowledge of the class of objects being imaged to drive customized data acquisitions, data processing, and image formation algorithms that are optimized for specific imaging tasks. The lab’s mission to personalize medical imaging takes many forms including the design of dedicated imaging systems for specific anatomical sites, novel acquisition methods that permit adaptation of the medical imaging equipment to specific sites or diagnostic tasks, and novel image formation methods that accommodate non-standard or low-fidelity data.

Specific imaging modalities investigated by the AIAI Lab have included dedicated cone-beam CT systems, diagnostic x-ray CT, image-guided radiotherapy systems, mobile and robotic C-arms, tomosynthesis devices, and phase-contrast CT.

The AIAI Laboratory shares resources, has common researchers, is adjacent to, and works on many joint projects with the I-STAR Laboratory which is under the direction of Jeffrey Siewerdsen, PhD.

A Note to Prospective Students and Postdocs

The AIAI laboratory is always looking for highly skilled and highly motivated individuals to add to the research team. In particular, we seek researchers that can span the range of in-depth theoretical analysis, efficient implementation of ideas including algorithm development and hands-on hardware integration, meticulous experimental method, and excellent communication skills. We welcome your interest.

Please do send us an email. However, please include a CV and take a moment to read a few of our publications and let us know specifically what you find interesting and how your skills would contribute. Thanks!

Mailing Address, Phone, Email

J. Webster Stayman, PhD
Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering Department
Johns Hopkins University
Traylor Building, Room #605B
720 Rutland Avenue
Baltimore MD 21205-2109
Phone: (410) 955-1314